I started developing in Ext GWT two weeks ago.
I have a question about the use of the BorderLayoutContainer (easy for experienced Ext GWT users, I guess).

I don't like the hard coded '25' in the following code. (if I don't put it in it defaults to 100)

BorderLayoutContainer borderLayoutContainer = new BorderLayoutContainer();
BorderLayoutContainer.BorderLayoutData northLayoutData = new BorderLayoutContainer.BorderLayoutData(25);
northLayoutData.setMargins(new Margins(2));
borderLayoutContainer.setNorthWidget(getNorthContent(), northLayoutData);
If I compare that with the Java Swing BorderLayout, there the north and south content panels take the height they "need" automatically and the west and east content panels take the width they "need".
Is this behaviour also possible in Ext GWT?
I mean, if I put a button or a label in the north of the BorderLayoutContainer, is it possible to make that north content pane just as high as the button of label in it automagically?
I feel like hard coded values are a bad thing to do.

Thanks in advance for trying to help me.