Hi - thanks for the video (https://vimeo.com/36420727) I folloed it yesterday with the 90 day trial version of Sencha Designer and tried it on my localhost without success. I'm running Chrome 17.0.963.79 m which I think is the latest version.
I have a Yelp api key that I made.
I thought that because I live in a remote area that there might not be enough bars in the google zoom level of 17 so I decreased that to 5 in the hope that it would look over a large area.
I have checked on Yelp and being in the UK I noticed that the term 'Pubs' is used instead of 'Bars' so I tried that too - no luck.
Now I've downloaded the example code and tried it out of the box and with the above changes too - no luck.
I get a screen with 'CityBars' at the top and then nothing else on the screen.
I've checked the network panel in the Chrome debugger (F12) and it appears to be pinging google maps but not yelp - I'm not sure if I should be seeing any yelp activity?
From looking around in the debugger I can't see any other errors.
Any help?