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Thread: To Sencha 2.0 or not to 2.0

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    Default Answered: To Sencha 2.0 or not to 2.0

    We are about to build a web app. I've messed with Sencha touch here and there but nothing serious. My instinct would love to just get started in 2.0. After a few hours of fiddling though I'm finding myself frustrated at the lack of direct answer and documentation. Rather the documentation is immense but seems to contradictory at times.

    So the question is should we just go with Sencha 1.0 because its out, stable and tutorials exists with explaining proper use? or is that a waste of my time? is there a timeline somewhere for the full release of 2.0? Any one been down this road recently?

  2. I think if you go with Sencha Touch 1.x now, you'll quickly regret that decision given how quickly we are stabilizing ST2.

    If you want to PM me the inconsistencies you are finding, I'll make sure they are corrected.

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