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Thread: Creating ExtJS portlets with a non ExtJs host page

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    Default Creating ExtJS portlets with a non ExtJs host page

    Hi all,
    I want to be able to perfrom the following:
    have a hosting page that is written in a non ExjJS technology. Lets say an page or any other page,
    This page will be able to host many portelts/widgets that are written in ExjJS.

    I saw the portal sampe here and this sample uses a container page that is written in ExtJS so thats easy to achive.
    How do i get the wanted functionaly that will be able to host diffrent portlets from diffrent teams that can communicate with the host.

    Thanks, Pini

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    All you need to do is output HTML in your ASP page that will load Ext SJ 4 and then you can use any of the widgets like the portal
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    Default Repshrasing the question

    Hi , thenaks for your reply.
    I will ask the question a bit diffrently:

    My portal host page is an ExtJs page.
    Many teams write diffrent ExtJs views/ controllers etc.
    Sometimes their code should be exposed as a portlet.

    In the portal sample in the sencha site all the classes were minified to a single classes.js file so the portal application can somply add script refernce to this file.
    What will i do in our multiple teams case. will i have to couple of the neccessary code files into a single js file for a single portlet?

    Does the ExtJs deployment tool can do that? (Where I can specify which js files to couple together?)


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