Hi, I'm currently trying out Sencha as a central framework to support product development across mobile formats and desktop.

The goal is to consolidate as much of our code as possible so only the very front end work needs to be duplicated for each platform. I was hoping to get some feedback on what the best way to do this might be.

I've found a working—although not ideal—solution by defining desktop profiles for each view with html only:

Ext.define 'asdf.view.desktop.Welcome',
  extend: 'Ext.Panel'
  xtype: 'welcomePanel'
    items: [
      html: ''' everything goes in here'''
I think, ideally, I'd like to extend something like 'Ext.RawHTML' (if such a thing exists) where I could just specify html (or a url reference) for the whole document or document body.

Just trying to clean up the DOM as much as possible for Desktop development.

Thanks in advance for any help you all might be able to provide