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    Hi .. I'm having some learning pain using Ext.Direct and was hoping for some guidance. I can't seem to find examples of what I'm looking for in any existing document sources.

    I'm using direct via my model/proxy in the standard fashion to perform CRUD operations. The basic CRUD operations work with few issues.

    My confusion stems from a) handling return values from my backend Create and/or Update services and b) calling other non CRUD Services - e.g. to get a special ID value or to perform some operation and get a value back. There are two parts to this confusion:

    1) when I use the standard type: direct proxy and I perform create or update my back-end service is designed to return an updated version of the saved or updated record so I can display that to the end user. This is important on create and update in that we get the id number as well as a softkey (or any updates therein) that is generated on the backend at save/create or update time.

    My confusion is that I dont know how to pickup the return value that save/create/ update sends back. So some guidance there would be very helpful. NOTE: I thought the result value would be returned as the my model configuration .. but it didnt appear that was the case .. perhaps I am wrong.

    2) I wanted to call directFn to fire off a remote method but I am unclear as to a) how to send parameters b) how to recieve the results back c) how to pull the trigger on the whole thing .. I tried using model.load(....) to call the directFn but am confused as its not doing what I expect. So clarifications on how I would call my backend method .. e.g. myMethod(param1, param2, param3) ... would be very much appreciated.

    I'd appreciate any support on this you might provide. Many Thanks Greg

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    Default I was suffering like you until i found this...


    I was suffering like you with direct until I found this...

    this link explains very well how the parameters are treated.

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