Hi Mitchell,

love to hear that. That means the config options and a lot of other stuff is already quite similar. This is exactly the information I am looking for.

I had a look into the forum, there are a lot of posts regarding this topic. Do you guys intend to start a chapter in the documentation not only for migrating projects from Sencha Touch 1 to 2 but also for porting ST2 to the desktop?

This would be quite helpful and I guess you guys get tired to try to give an comprehensive answer to the same question over and over again so it seems the right step from my point of view.

And to emphasize it again: I am not looking for an automatic solution from your side. It is just hard and *really* time consuming to find out which parts work reliable in the same manner and which not - which is something I guess you guys know anyway because I believe you have (min.) one eye on it.