We're trying to build an adhoc release for iOS using the Sencha SDK Tools and can't get it to work. Building and running on the simulator works no problem but when we try and build for release we receive the following error:

bundle format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable
I believe all of the necessary certificates and profiles are in place and the release build config file looks like this:

    "applicationName":"[Name Removed]",
    "applicationId":"[ID Removed]",
    "outputPath":"~/Apps/[Name Removed]/Build-iOS/",
    "webAppPath":"~/Apps/[Name Removed]/www/",
    "orientations": [
    "certificateAlias": "iPhone Distribution: [Name Removed]"
Has anyone else encountered this error? Also, if someone can point us toward any additional information or references for building adhoc releases please let me know.