I'm done. My improvements:
  • Allow for language change after language change after language change etc.
  • Go back to original language using initialConfig
  • Localizable grid values through column renderers!
  • When components need tooltips, I usually add them as a tip property to the same component. That tooltip can be translated as well.
  • Prevention against word wraps after translation that I have seen occuring.
  • upgrade to latest build of SA (442)
  • Use ExtJS from cdn.sencha.io
  • renamed locale file to js, because IIS for example can't read .json files by default. (just to make it easy to test run this)
Most of my comments and changes are described in the commits and code. Code is mostly equal to what ssamayoa has posted.

This is work in progress and needs further optimization. Specially in the area of configurability.

Check it out, improve it and update it on Git . I will too. Thanks.