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Thread: BSOMD: Blue Screen of mild dissappointment..

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    Default BSOMD: Blue Screen of mild dissappointment..

    Imagine the following structure:

    Layout 1 with Multiple Panels, each Panel contains it's own separate IFrame which has it's own Layout 2a, 2b, 2c.. etc with various regions/panels.

    In some of the Layout2s I use yui.ext.BasicDialog. Which is great, except in IE6 it loads this nasty light blue div over everything when the BasicDialog constructor gets called. Then, when the IFrame's page layout gets rendered, anothe blue div emerges, this time covering not only the IFrame, but also the page holding the IFrame. This second blue div only occurs on those content panel that load iFrames which load pages that have basic dialogs. Those without never experience it.

    I'm using version 0.33RC3 (caveman-like) so I will upgrade after posting this to the latest downloadable version to see if the situation improves. I just figured I'd post about the situation and see if anyone has experienced similar behavior.

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    There's one thing I can think of offf the top of my head:

    The HTML element from which the BasicDialog is constructed must be placed as a direct child of document.body

    Anywhere else will probably cause things like this.

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