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Thread: Series renderer overide error

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    Exclamation Series renderer overide error

    Hi there !

    I started to use Sencha designer 2 since two weeks.
    I have looked for a way to add a little bar with another color on the top of each column of a column chart.

    The way I found was to override the renderer function of the serie and create a new sprite to add on the graph for each column.
    function(sprite, record, attr, index, store) {
        var mark = Ext.create(Ext.draw.Sprite, { /* Here is the new sprite that I add at the top of each column */
          type: 'rect',
          fill: '#FF3333',
          surface: sprite.surface,
          width: attr.width+1,
      attr.fill='#4444EE'; /* Here I change the color of the column */
      return attr;

    If there is a more simple way to do it I'm interested in it however my method work when testing on the browser but in the sencha designer 2 it mess up everything and give me this error :
    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object

    See you

    sencha designer param.jpg
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