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Thread: Ext.tree.Panel bug on column definition with 'hideable: false'

    Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided.
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    Default Ext.tree.Panel bug on column definition with 'hideable: false'

    When setting a column to 'hideable: false' with Ext.tree.Panel, the column dont show on the column list (expected, works like Ext.grid.Panel till here) and the next one is disabled (greyed out - I think this is the old behaviour on 3.x if I recall it right), rendering 2 columns 'unhideable'.

    Im using ext-4.0.7-gpl, and this bug dont seems related to browsers.

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    In Ext JS 3.4.0 if you set hideable to false on a column that column won't be shown in the menu. The behavior in Ext JS 4 matches this behavior so the menu item should not show.
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