This post is about the consequence of an apparent change between 4.0.7 and the current beta because in Designer 2.0 (298) the store autoload property supports only true/default rather than true/false/default as some other boolean properties do.

In version 4.0.7 the autoload property of a store defaults to false however in 4.1 and later it is undefined which appears to be treated by ExtJS as true. When editing code manually this is not a problem because the property can be set explicitly. However when using the designer with 4.1 the inability to explicitly define 'false' is a problem because then the choices are 'default' (true) or true. To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have any setting you like so long as its 'true'.

I can understand that this will be regarded unsympathetically if the designer will not support 4.1 at release. However it seems the release of Designer 2.0 and ExtJS 4.1 will be in the same time frame. 4.1 fixes so many bugs I can imagine many, like me, will hope to be able to use it. So it with this mind set I'm creating this post.

In any case, it will be great to have this boolean property support true/false/default as it will make no difference to 4.0.7 support but will moderate the impact of the apparent change in 4.1.