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Thread: Problem entering custom property

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    Default Problem entering custom property

    The TreeStore root node configuration is not exposed in the designer so I've been adding it as a custom property.

    root: {text: 'Name', id:'', expanded:false}

    Now I want to assign the 'id' property of the root node with the value of the global variable 'Ext.Photos.rootNode':

    root: {text: 'Name', id:Ext.Photos.rootNode, expanded:false}

    However the designer then treats the whole value as a string:

    root: '{text: "Name", id:Ext.Photos.rootNode, expanded:false}'

    It seems there are restrictions around the use of variables in custom properties:

    Ext.Photos (OK)
    Ext.rootNode (OK)
    Ext.Photos.rootNode (not OK)
    Photos.rootNode (not OK)

    Anything starting with 'Ext' is OK anything else causes the property to be converted to a string
    Only one level of object is allowed.

    Is this intended?

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    We don't yet support variables. They will be treated as strings.
    Aaron Conran

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