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Thread: Grid sync with restful proxy does not stop on "exception"

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    Default Grid sync with restful proxy does not stop on "exception"

    If I use "batchActions:false" inside a restful store, every grid row will be send to the server by its own request. In Version 4.0 the complete execution stops on an exception (success:false). For example, if you transmit 10 rows to the server and you will get an exception on the 5th row, no more rows will be send. In Ext 4.1 all 10 requests will be made in any case.

    Is this the "new" right way? If yes, how can I mark the rows with the server error description?

    Thanks a lot,
    Joachim Schneider

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    You would have to go in and get the record data and find the record in the store.
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