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    Question Drag and Drop


    I'm just looking at Sencha Touch 2 as an option for a new app I want to build. Critical to the app is the ability to drag and drop. I need to essentially sort a list of words between different categories. I want to make a large "box" for each category and lots of smaller boxes for the words. You would drag the words into the desired box which would fire event causing an AJAX call to tell my server which word was put into which box.

    To do this I need to be able to define UI components as draggable and others as possible drop targets and I need to be able to do stuff when something is dragged.

    Is this possible with Sencha Touch 2? I saw that components can be made draggable, but I didn't see where I could define the drop targets.

    Is there documentation or a tutorial for this?


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    The Droppable class isn't supported in the GA release. This will be worked on for a 2.0.x release.
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