I used ext designer and it required some real sucking it up in order to make it useful to some point.. and at the end besides making some forms or something like that was nothing more than balsamiq mockups.
Yes you did bunch of updates and so on.. but still guys this was a commercial application and was supposed to perform.

Then sencha designer.. same issues.. direct store api is commented out.. and etc etc.. I wonder why do you bother at all to try make it IDE.. simply make it a nice mockup tool that can run demos. No offense here but honestly v1 and now v2 is more or less waste of time for me... I better spend this time in refreshing firefox to see the results.

The way I see it is that designer is simply used to fund your operations. You take some fast cash from wannabe developers or people that are just getting into the ext space.

Seriously! can you say that this tool can be used to produce anything more than simple three components application...

And again dont understand me wrong I see there is a great idea behind it, but I really dont like the idea of trowing something for money and then... "be paitent service pack 14 is coming". Drop it, release the code to the community so contributors can make it something useful.

This is my opinion only and I am a little drunk tonight but still this is what I think.