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Thread: Translating data from an XML Reader before storing in a Store?

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    Question Answered: Translating data from an XML Reader before storing in a Store?

    What is the best way to go about "translating" data coming in to a reader before it gets put in the model? I'm trying to parse an XML full of events which have a day tag containing, eg, "Friday" and a time tag containing, eg, "10:00am - 12:00pm" -- but I'd like to parse it so I have start and end times as Dates in the model.

    Is there something that is called on each record before it's turned into a Model object, or should I be trying to translate the XML XSL-style?

    It seems like readRecords() might be the right thing to deal with, but I wasn't sure if there's a nicer way to do such things.

  2. readRecords should be fine.

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    readRecords should be fine.
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