Hi guys,
I'm new to Sencha.
I've played around with Sencha Touch 2 a few days, to figured out the documentation etc.

But there is one thing I can't get to work.

If I want to get a button in the titlebar, for example a button where I can click to add an item, how can I do that?

I've this code at the moment:

var view = Ext.create('Ext.NavigationView', {
    fullscreen: true,

    items: [{
        title: 'First',
        items: [{
            xtype: 'button',
            text: 'Push a new view!',
            handler: function() {
                //use the push() method to push another view. It works much like
                //add() or setActiveItem(). it accepts a view instance, or you can give it
                //a view config.
                    title: 'Second',
                    html: 'Second view!'