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Thread: ST2 generated files aren't setup as Designer Projects

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    Default ST2 generated files aren't setup as Designer Projects

    I'm not sure if this should be here or in the Sencha Touch 2 forum.

    Running the 'sencha generate app' doesn't create a collection of files that can be easily opened in Sencha Designer.

    In my efforts to learn ST2, I started with the Designer's carstore example. I then moved on to learning ST2 with the getting started video. After generating my files, I wanted to open them in Designer to see how they look in Designer. Since the framework tool doesn't generate a xds/xda file, I can't easily open the files in Designer. I attempted to right click views and pull in the files 1-by-1, but I couldn't do that.

    To me, it appears that if a developer started working on a project through generated files, they wouldn't easily be able to pull those files into the Designer application.

    Perhaps I'm just missing a step somewhere? I'm running V2.0.0 Build: 309 of the designer and the sencha-touch-2.0.0-commercial to generate the files.


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    I agree that this would be a nice feature, but it does not currently exist.
    Aaron Conran

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