Hi! I'm using ST 2 final release for my iPad application. I successfully build package with SDK Tools for ad-hoc testing with another testers. But when I starts upload my app to app store via Application Loader I have an errors:

1. Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, contains disallowed entitlements, or it was not signed with an iPhone Distribution Certificate.
2. Unable to extract entitlements from application: /var/folders/95/2cbz4s_d7x726x9t30db2d_80000gn/T/...../stbuild_template

I'm using app store distribution profile & distribution certificate for this build.

json-preset for sencha tool:
        "certificateAlias":"iPhone Distribution: ***hidden***",
        "orientations": [
Also, I'm trying to resign app with codesign manually. My script for this:
sencha package ipad_appstore.json
rm -r "***hidden***.app/_CodeSignature"
cp "***hidden***/DistrAppStore.mobileprovision" "***hidden***.app/embedded.mobileprovision"
chmod a+x "***hidden***.app/stbuild_template"
codesign -f -dvvv -s "iPhone Distribution: ***hidden***" "***hidden***.app"
mkdir Payload
mv "***hidden***.app" $_
zip -y -r "***hidden***.ipa" Payload
Please, help...