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Thread: both radio buttons can be selected, with event not firing also (Grid Involved)

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default both radio buttons can be selected, with event not firing also (Grid Involved)

    I have this grid that will expand/collapse when a radio button changes.

    Now if I switch back and forth, everything works fine.

    However, if I select a cell for editing in the grid (name column is editable) and then immediate select hide-grid. The hide-grid radio will become selected, but the event will not fire so the grid never collapses. Also, the show grid radio button never becomes unselected.

    Example provided.

    Also, if I use checkbox the event will not fire as well (but the checkbox will be re-rendered correctly). So if I had a show grid checkbox the grid would not disappear (since the event would not fire), but the checkbox would change.


    Also, I had to use the ValueChanged Event so the event occurred immediately

    If I used the onChangeEvent I can still get similar errors (just harder to show since you have to loose focus on the radio/checkbox in order for the event to fire (or should fire).

    I have seen/tested this on IE8.

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    Thanks for the report and the sample code. We've already begun noticing some issues in our testing very similar to those you've described. I've updated the existing ticket to include a reference to your report, and I'll update this thread with any progress we make in having this fixed.

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