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Thread: ComboBox and assertValue

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    Default ComboBox and assertValue

    Hello there,

    Having forceSelection: true & multiSelect: false on a combo, when there is more than one record with the same display field value, the assertValue function always re-select the first one, no matter which record (with the same display field value) you select.

    The problem is that assertValue is using 'findRecordByDisplay'
    rec = me.findRecordByDisplay(value);
    if (rec) {
    the change event has the correct newValue, the problem is that the assertValue modify it to another value (the first one with that display value)

    I know its not very common to have more than one record with the same display value (obviously the records have different id values)... In my case, I hit this problem with people, it's possible that more than one person is named the same, and they represent different records.... (in my system they are easily differentiable because I'm using a custom innerTpl that not only shows the person name, but also its email, if it's an employee or a contact and it's avatar)

    Currently, I'm overriding the combobox to avoid the, and it works OK for me... but I guess it would be better if I didn't have to include that override...

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    Not common but a possibility. Thanks for the report.
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