I have a category list and a product list. When the category list is clicked, a new panel with a list of products is displayed which is paged. When a back button is clicked back to categories, the product list is destroyed.

I am finding that when another category is clicked and the product list loads, the list paging params are not being reset. The same store is being used, but the data is being cleared.

Is there anyway to reset the paging params such as start and page?

this.list = new Ext.List({
	store: 'LocalProductsStore',
	plugins: [{
		ptype: 'listpaging',
		autoPaging: false
	singleSelection: true,
	emptyText: '<p class="no-products">No products found matching this criteria.</p>',
	itemTpl: atd.templates.ProductListItem,
	listeners: {
		selectionchange: {fn: this.onSelect, scope: this}