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Thread: Refresh a number of items in layout after login

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    Default Refresh a number of items in layout after login

    I have an app that uses a tab panel layout to display a products tab and account tab. In the products tab panel I have a login button in the toolbar which will change the panel to the account panel.

    In the account tab, a user can login through the users store with a JSONP proxy. When the user logs in successfully, the record is saved in the store.

    If I reload the app, I can detect if the users store contains the users record and display a logout button instead of a login button. I can also change the account tab to point to a user preferences tab instead of the account tab.

    My question is, without refreshing the browser, how can I do these things (update a button in the toolbar, change the xtype on the main tab panel)?

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    just add and remove items.
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