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    Default class question

    watching the sencha video of the new class system I am still confused about some things:
    1. the lifecycle of the objects: the video shows the use of the constructor method. looking at the sencha 2 code there's some code that uses initialize method (not sure what it does).
    2. video shows using .initConfig(config); inside the constructor for the benefit of get/set/apply/etc. this worked for me for a component that does not inherit anything, once I used 'extend: ext.container' I got an exception (see below)
    3. looking at some sencha code and extensions I mostly saw people using callparent([config]). is this the same?
    4. I am somewhat confused and would appreciate your help


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    constructor is the initial method that gets called when creating a component. initialize happens a little later so it just depends on what you need to do and where you can do it.

    initConfig(config) will create the getters/setters and such but a component should have that called automatically so you may not have to. I would check to see if it is already there before I would call initConfig.

    callParent will call the class that you are extending method so you don't loose functionality.
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