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Thread: TreeGrid Panel is very slow when no of nodes is large

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    Default TreeGrid Panel is very slow when no of nodes is large

    Hi Guys,

    I have some performance issue when using TreeGrid rendering large data / tree node ( eg : > 1000 ).

    I create a solution as below to render n no of records at a time
    1. display 200 nodes at a time
    2. on 201 row show "show more link"
    3. once user click that , it will fire another call to server to fetch row 201-400.
    4. when the data returned. i loop through the record and add to the parent node of the tree node that is clicked as follow
    eg :
             var parentNode = node.parentNode;       
            for(var i=0; i < jsonResponseArr.length ; i++){
                          var nodeAttr = jsonResponseArr[i];
                          var node = treeLoader.createNode(nodeAttr);
    I notice step no 4 taking 10-20 seconds to load the whole node ( max to 200 nodes per fetch ) and cause the browser to temporarily hangs.

    It seems to me that the treenode is generating too much DOM tree and causing the slowness.

    Any idea how to fix this ? can i spawn background thread to render n no of rows simultaneously ?
    I have tried using DelayedTask to process rendering 20 rows at a time but still when the function is executed it caused the browser to hang

    Thanks in advance

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    This got me thinking if it would be a good ui to have a node (non leaf) for each page...

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