I'm using Designer.
I need to toggle easily between "http://localhost:8888" and "http://prod.myproduct.com" for all proxies urls.
So I set all proxies url to relatives values eg. "/api/products" and override the proxies urls to prefix
the url with "http://localhost:8888" or "http://prod.myproduct.com"

So in Designer, I click "Create Override" and enter this code:

Ext.define('MyApp.store.override.ProductStore', {
    requires: 'MyApp.store.ProductStore'
}, function() {
    Ext.override(MyApp.store.ProductStore, {
        config: {
            proxy: {
                // would give "http://prod.myproduct.com/api/products"....
                url: MyApp.app.application.getGlobalUrlPrefix() + <ORIGINAL_PROXY_URL_VALUE>
The problem I have is I don't know how to get the original value ( "<ORIGINAL_PROXY_URL_VALUE>" here) of the proxy url, ie. "/api/products" to append it.

How can I get that?