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Thread: Grid with treestore

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    Default Grid with treestore

    Hello friends,
    I have a treepanel with a treestore showing contents loaded from MySQL, everything works OK.
    But... I need to show that contents in an additional grid, and when I try to use the grid with the treestore I received the follow error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'indexOf'

    What is the best way for using a grid with data.TreeStore instead of data.Store??

    Ext.define('MyLayer', {
        extend: '',
        proxy: { ...... },
        fields: [ .......]
    var layers_store = new{
        autoLoad: false, 
        model: 'MyLayer'
    // this works OK
        xtype: 'treepanel', 
        id: 'layerstree', 
        store: layers_store, 
        rootVisible: true
    // here the ERROR
        xtype: 'grid', 
        store: layers_store, 
        viewConfig: { stripeRows: true },
        columns: [ ....]
    Some suggestion???
    Bests regards!!!

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    The grid does not support a tree store. You need to have a regular store.
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