In creating a visualization I've seen what I believe is a bug in the rotate animation of a sprite. It affects all 4.x version up to and including the nightly build from 2012-03-08.Take a look at this example to see what I'm doing. It'll make the explanation easier to comprehend. requirement is to rotate circle segments. Not around their center, which is the default, but the center of the circle of which they form a segment. I've been delighted that it's been possible to do this stuff using the sprites. In testing I was able to set each segment into place using setAttributes()
sprite.setAttributes({    rotate:    {        degrees: degrees,        x: 100,        y: 100    }}, true);
And I was delighted to find that the rotation of sprites can be animated and replaced the code above with:
sprite.animate({    to: { rotate: { degrees: start, x: 100, y: 100 } },});
The bugHowever when I tried this code I found the animation routine ignores the x/y offset coordinates and regardless of the offsets, it rotates the sprite about its center. It's necessary to call setAttributes() to set the offsets in the sprite's attributes as the offsets used in the animation definition are ignored.This is not a massive problem because there's a workaround but it is not intuitive (to me at least) that properties set on the animation object will be ignored.BrowsersI have found the example included on the end of the link works with IE 7/8/9 and with Chrome and Firefox. However the rendering in IE 7/8 is not as good because the segment positions are not always as good as in IE 9, Chrome or Firefox. See screenshot.drawbug-ie7.png