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Thread: Will ExtJS work for a wiki style site

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    Question Will ExtJS work for a wiki style site

    Hey Guys

    I've been racking my brain for the last week, and got my hands dirty with just about every single framework out there - trying to find on that suits my needs. I'm sure you know the excersize. The project needs to start and I don't want to base my code on the wrong library. Unfortunately I must make a choice today, otherwise the project will be late (ok nothing new there )

    I'm writing a wiki style website for a client, which will be publically accessable. He's not happy with the current opensource wiki systems, and it can be summed up as "a wiki site that meets web2.0". With that I mean:

    - nice dialog for the login screen (no page refresh show login fields)
    - autocomplete on search box
    - Comments that "autohides"
    - dig style voting on each wiki page (ie ajax call)

    Also, I'll admit that I'm a bit oldschool when it comes to HTML. Been coding PHP and HTML ever since PHP/FI (ver 2) came out and I'm still not too comfortable with making layouts work in CSS. I really like the idea that CODE handles the layout (ie CSS is generated by Javascript, not by hand), that way when new browser versions come out, the library can be updated so that the CSS works for new browsers as well (or you could say, if code handles the layout, a site can be quickly updated to a new standard like CSS 4).

    I absolutely LOVE extJS for admin interfaces - there is just no other choice. But when it comes to the frontend, I'm worried that extJS will be a bit of overkill for the publically accessable frontend. So far I really like what I see in DOJO, but it seems to slow down my browser quite dramatically (can anyone confirm that DOJO is slow? Could just be my Firefox acting up again)

    In summery, my question is: Will extJS be a good library for:

    - basic grid layout (ie header, left col, content, footer)
    - basic hiding of comments and things like that (with a button to expose that comment)
    - a tooltip here and there
    - ajax form input validation
    - modal dialogs for login (ok - that one I know the answer to - I love the dialog boxes)

    You input would be really appreciated

    Thank you


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    Hey James,

    yea dude ExtJs would work for the things you want man. Our real estate website does just that. We have this advanced search section with a hellova lot of JS and every other part has ExtJs sprinkled over them for DOM manipulation and nice dialogs.

    I only use the "ext-base.js" and the "ext-core.js" which is around 79 KB when gzipped.
    If you want things to be lighter, I'd probably go with JQuery or Mootools.

    oh and I wouldn't count on JS to add in CSS as what will the user see if javascript is deactivated? Learn how to make the HTML/CSS/JS combo sing.

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    Well, i love ExtJS, but if you are developing a frontend website like a wiki site which is being accessed loads of times, i really wouldnt want to use ExtJS. You should rather use a really simple basic library like jQuery, YUI or Prototype (or even Ext Base). ExtJS is great for creating backend applications but why would you need viewports, tabpanels, accordions, grids etc to just do an ajax call when someone votes on an item.

    I created and i used jQuery. Its a really nice little library to do basic stuff. I will be using ExtJS for an internal CMS but never for frontend websites.

    Obviously this is my opinion so i hope i dont hurt someones feelings

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