I'm new to Sencha Touch, so I'll apologise in advance if the answers to these questions are obvious...

Suppose I wanted to allow a user to add new components and containers to a main panel at runtime using a UI. I could imagine a clunky way of doing this that would map easily to the ST APIs, but it would be very tedious to use, especially on something like a tablet. So has anyone implemented something like this that makes good use of the multitouch interface, e.g. dragging an component over another component to put them both in a new container, using a rotate gesture to switch from an HBox layout to a VBox layout and so on. And if so, is there something publically visible that demonstrates this working in practice.

Related to this question, suppose I had a mechanism that allowed a user to build a panel of components at runtime. They might naturally want to save such a layout and reuse it later. What would be the best way of doing this? I presume I could save the DOM tree representing the panel, and load that back in again. But could I then build an ST Ext.Container from this tree. Or would I have to serialize and save the Ext.Container itself (presumably risking the layouts breaking if a new version of ST came along?).