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Thread: Struts 2 and extjs 4 integration

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    Default Struts 2 and extjs 4 integration

    Hi All,

    I am new to extjs and struts 2 both. But I am quite familiar with struts 1.3.

    Can you please point me to sample reference code for struts 2 and extjs integration ?

    My requirement is as follows:
    1. There is a form containing four 3 fields [name, address, ph no] along with Save [submit] button.
    - Previously when I was working on struts 1.3, i could have created a jsp file with the ready made JSTL library tags for elements on a page
    - But now I am using extjs, so everything i.e. form, text fields, buttons will get wrap into a app.js file and in a html/JSP page, i simply include the js file

    2. On click of Save, the form should get submitted server side action class automatically.
    - In previous version, i was using form bean and populate the data into action class.
    - Now in struts 2 how should i get it ? [I believe there is no form bean in struts 2, then how form data will get into action class ?]

    3. The values from server side should get reflected into text fields automatically, when user visit the page next time.
    - In previous version of struts, it was achieved through form bean
    - How we can do this with the help of extjs and struts 2?

    Kindly guide me.


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    The only thing you really need to integrate it is to pass data to and from the client using JSON or XML.
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