Hey everybody,

i have a problem with the scrollers scrollTo method.
I have lists and detailed views. The detailed view has a panel with a fix height, so huge content must be scrolled.
When i scroll down the content, go back to the listview and select a new detail view the content doesnt start above. It starts where the scroll position was at last.

So i thought about using the scroller.
The thing that it works fine in 80%.

Here is a demo page:
I added to source as download file in a zip:

Now try the following:

1. choose an item out of the list
2. scroll its content
3. still at scrolling, click the back button and choose the other list item.
4. scroll there too and click back
5. repeat the lasts steps until the scroller does not scroll the content up

Do you have any idea why its like this and how i can fix this?

Thanks in advance.