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    Exclamation GroupingView always reloads items on groupBy

    What do you think about following listing?
    It allows me to set groupingColumn before Attach event.
    Also there are 2 issues with sorting in the original GroupingView:
    1. If Loader.remoteSort = false then I can't use eintities withoun Comparable interface implementation.
    2. If Loader.remoteSort = true then view will always load data from server automatically.

    public class MyGroupingView<T> extends GroupingView<T> {
        public MyGroupingView() {
        public MyGroupingView(
                com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.grid.GroupingView.GroupingViewAppearance groupAppearance) {
        public void groupBy(ColumnConfig<T, ?> column) {
            groupBy(column, true);
        public void groupBy(ColumnConfig<T, ?> column, boolean refresh) {
            if (column != groupingColumn) {
                  // set the new one
                  groupingColumn = column;
                  if (refresh && column == null) {
                      // full redraw without groups

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    In order to group items, they must be sorted so the items in the same group are near each other - if the server is to be responsible for sorting, then it should to this work.

    That said, there is a change in SVN (and will be available in the next release) that allows for a custom Comparator to be defined for any ColumnConfig. And of course remember that a ColumnConfig that uses a child property and groups on that item doesn't need the entire entity to be Comparable, as it will only use that property to sort. The example at http://staging.sencha.com:8080/examp...vegroupsummary shows what the code, example looks like after this change.

    Thanks for the patch allowing GroupingView.groupBy to be called earlier - we have made a similar change in SVN already, but I will compare it with yours to see if it adds any additionally useful features.

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