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Thread: Thoughts on building an MS Office ribbon

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    Default Thoughts on building an MS Office ribbon

    My application needs a Microsoft Office 2007 style ribbon.

    Why? Because most users will only access the application 2 to 3 times a year and I believe these users need many visual clues to make best use of the application’s rich functionality. From earlier threads I understand the Core Ext Development Team has no plan to create such a widget so the implementation is down to me. One guy posted a screenshot of an Ext community ribbon bar in development, it looked good but he has not logged in for some time.

    So how to do it?

    The best working example from the .aspx world that I found requires an .aspx page to generate +20k of server-side generated nested DIVs that lay out the structure of a single ribbon tab, then a fairly shallow JavaScript class attaches to the ribbon DOM layout via a complex Element.Id naming convention.

    But how to do it the Ext way?

    Seems obvious that an Ext TabPanel should be the top level container for the ribbon panels. After doing further reading of the Ext docs I have concluded the high level layout of a single ribbon panel should be based on some nested Table layouts. The detailed working components of a ribbon bar should be modelled on a small number of Ext templates that will populate table cells.

    Am I heading in the right direction here?

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    I once started on something like this. I extended the menu to have a different behavior. Its a long time ago and was done for Ext 1.0 i believe.

    I even found the link!

    The code is very outdated though and is far not ready for use. Also its only part of a ribbon bar and not the whole deal.

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