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Thread: initConfig and order dependencies

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    Question initConfig and order dependencies

    I am using the new style class system and trying to determine how to handle order dependencies in the object configuration processing. For example take this object:

    Ext.define('MyClass', {
       config: {
          paramA: null,
          paramB: null
       constructor: function(config) {
       applyParamA: function(value) {
          b = this.getParamB();
          return doWork(b);
       applyParamB: function(value) {
          return doSomething(value);
    I have two configuration parameters. Param B initializes itself based upon some computation internal to the class. Param A needs to initialize itself but needs to use the initialized value of param B as part of this computation.

    This creates an order dependency inside the initialization performed by initConfig. Namely param B must be initialized first so it is available for Param A to be initialized.

    My question is, how do I handle this in my application. Is there some way to specify this? Does the class system try to automatically solve for these cases?

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    The apply methods will fire in the order you place them in the config object.

    So if you have

    config : {
        paramA : true,
        paramB : true
    Then applyParamA will fire before applyParamB. However if you have

    config : {
        paramB : true,
        paramA : true
    Then applyParamB will fire before applyParamA
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