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Thread: Incremental reload of Store

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    Default Incremental reload of Store

    I have a grid where each row is a log entry read from the server via JSON. The server continually receives log entries from other applications, and I poll the server to find out if there are new entries. Currently, though, that results in a full reload of the grid every time there's a new object. Since I have several hundred objects in my store, and often only one or two new entries on the server, it is very wasteful to re-send the full list and reload the entire store, plus it gives a bad UE because the grid grays out and freezes during the reload.

    Is there a way to configure the Store to receive an incremental update, and for the grid to only parse out and append the new objects?

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    While I don't know if there is built-in functionality, you can specify the offset and limit to get only the new items you care about.

    Additionally, I've not tried updating the data store live, but what happens if you get the list store off the grid and call add(...) on it (the default is to add at the end of the list)?

    I *think* the GridView listens for StoreAddEvents, it looks like it does and updates the grid.

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