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Thread: Commad Sencha Generate with namespace

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    Lightbulb Commad Sencha Generate with namespace

    How can I do to generate model/controller with namespace like...

    sencha generate model admin.User
    and then have a folder structure

         |_ /admin
    on current version I have the outputed a file with dot separated admin.User.js in folder model
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    The issue is that the folder structure doesn't adhere to the dot notation namespace but the name of the model is correct right?

    I can see the model having the right name but the path doesn't look like it supports this:

    this.template('model.js', path.join('app', 'model', + '.js'));
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    It seems like sencha CMD expects all models to be in the "model" directory and when used in store it should be like:

    model: 'ModelName' #which translates to App.model.ModelName

    so far so good, but if i want to specify the model name like this:
    model: 'App.model.ModelName'
    sencha cmd will translate this to App.model.App.model.ModelName and the file will not be found.

    This is very useful when you have multiple apps like Core, App1, App2 and App1, App2 stores use the model definitions from Core.
    While in browser this works fine, sencha cmd does not understand this.

    Is there a way around this?
    Is it possible to modify that line which generates the filepath for models? Can we dig somewhere in sencha cmd and modify it on our one so that when contains a dot, consider it the full class name and not append the current applucation namespace.

    Thank you

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