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Thread: windows 7 native packaging

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    Default windows 7 native packaging

    hi there,
    please any one can tell me steps to package an app in windows 7.
    i have been having a lots of diffficulties, can any one guide me from a-z.

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    Hi Abe

    I have read both but still confused to be honest as it seems there's a lot of presumed knowledge in these guides . For example, I guess you have to join the Apple iOS Developer Program to begin with? This may be obvious to those who have developed an iOS app before and obviously they have already done this but I think this needs to be made clear for those developers who are picking Sencha up to get into iOS development. A step by step walkthrough of packaging an app would be useful for Windows as after reading both guides I'm not sure what to do exactly on the iOS portal. i.e. what certificates to use etc. The guides are all a bit too brief and don't give me the confidence that in what I am going to do will be succesful. This is unlike other Sencha documentation (api) which has always helped me along.


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