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Thread: SDK Tools, Proper Install...and Sencha Designer?

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    Default SDK Tools, Proper Install...and Sencha Designer?

    Tools Mavens,

    1. On a Mac w/OS X Lion, what directory is the best place to install SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-Beta-osx? At the moment, I have Tools installed in Apache's root (in my case /Library/Webserver/Documents...which now includes '/command' and what seems to be five other Tools-related directories).

    2. Are DOCS available for Tools-2.0.0-Beta? I've tried several times to generate a stub project...using example commands from the forums...without success. For example (in terminal): sencha create jsb.

    3. In Terminal, does 'sencha help CREATE' work? None of the 'sencha help <SOMETHING>' commands return a help file.

    4. Does Sencha Designer 2.0.0 (Build 337) use Tools-2.0.0? If so, how is Designer provisioned to use Tools? In Designer --> Preferences --> Designer [Settings], I've tried '/Library/WebServer/Documents/command' and '~/Library/WebServer/Documents/command'. For a test Sencha Touch 2 project, I can't tell if Designer is invoking Tools, or not. I'm expected to find a directory structure which conforms to Sencha Touch's MVC pattern...isn't the MVC pattern one of the things Tools generates; or did I misunderstand this point?

    Your suggestions are welcomed; thanks!

    Plane Wryter

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    1. I let it install into the default directory but it shouldn't really matter on Mac.

    2. You have help within the command. Type sencha and it will tell you what commands are available and how to get help for them.

    3. There is no CREATE command. In fact there is no create command. If you type 'sencha help create jsb' then you should see the help.

    4. Designer should be using SDK Tools 2. Designer only creates an MVC application.
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