I would like to react to the event of modifying the text content of any Cell in a Grid, for example typing a letter into an empty Cell.

I know that there exists a class "GridInlineEditing", that lets me reakt to the start and end of the editing. For reasons of the look of the Grid, I do not use this class. I want TextInputCells, NumberInputCells and DateCells to show their input fields without clicking them and all the time.

My list of ColumnConfigs is constucted like the following (example for one column):

List<ColumnConfig> list = new ArrayList<ColumnConfig>();
ColumnConfig column = new ColumnConfig(new DynamicValueProvider(columnCaptions[i]));
column.setCell(new NumberInputCell(new NumberPropertyEditor.DoublePropertyEditor());

The best solution would be, if it was possible to add a Handler to the Grid, Columns or Cells that catches ValueChange- or KeyUp-Events.