Please exit > 0 if the toolset hits an exception along the way. Many of us are writing tools to use this to minify our st2 projects, and we should only have to check to see if [ $? -gt 0 ], but instead, we will now have to check the output for the string "[ERROR]".

JMBP-2:silk jgarcia$ sencha app create blah /var/spool/blah && echo $?
[ERROR] ENOENT, no such file or directory '/www/npr/silk/version.txt'

    sencha app create [arguments...]

    (Alias to 'sencha generate app') Generate a new project with the recommended structure

Arguments: (*) denotes required parameter

      -n, --name     * The namespace of the application to create. This will be used as the prefix for all your classes
      -p, --path     * The directory path to generate this application to.
      -l, --library   The library's build to develop your application with, either 'core' or 'all'. Defaults to 'core'
      sencha app create --name=MyApp --path=/path/to/myapp --library=all 

      sencha app create -n MyApp -p /path/to/myapp -l all 

    Shortest (arguments must be in the right order):
      sencha app create MyApp /path/to/myapp all