Bear with me - I'm completely new to Sencha Touch 2 and this whole paradigm but I need help with figuring out how to do something.

Basically I have Main.js in my view/ directory as a tab.Panel and that references the views Home.js, Matches.js and People.js also in the view/ directory from the bottom toolbar.

The People.js view is also a tab.Panel which then references Frends.js, Events.js, Twitter.js and Facebook.js but the problem I am having is that I don't know how to specify a default landing page when the People tab is tapped at the bottom of the screen.

What I want to be able to do is show a landing page of some description when the People tab is tapped and not to have any of the tab.Panels shown in the top navigation page shown by default, but only to have them shown when the user taps.

The attached screenshot gives an idea of the layout I have. Any suggestions would be well appreciated.