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Thread: Generating an MVC app skeleton for ExtJS 4.1 using Sencha Command?

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    Default Generating an MVC app skeleton for ExtJS 4.1 using Sencha Command?

    Are the Sencha sdk tools and specifically is the command line tool able to generate an MVC app skeleton for ExtJS 4.1 RC1 in the same way you can for Sencha Touch 2? And if so, does it have the same capability to compile a production build of the ExtJS app, concatenating and minifying dependencies and all that? I tried looking through the 4.0 docs and searching the forums but wasn't able to find anything saying if those capabilities were available for ExtJS now too.

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    Sencha Command won't be part of 4.1.0 GA. A new version of SDK Tools 2 is planned to fix the many issues with the beta. Generating MVC app skeleton is something we want to do. Using Sencha Command I thought to myself why do we need it (except new comers) but I absolutely love it!
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