I have code that was working well with this statement:
PHP Code:
img.setSrc("data:image/png;base64," base64.encode(me.shippingConfirmation.data.ShippingLabel)); 
And it suddenly stopped working complaining that base64 doesn't exist

After searching around I found this alternative syntax
PHP Code:
[img.setSrc("data:image/png;base64," Ext.util.base64.encode(me.shippingConfirmation.data.ShippingLabel)); 
It does not fail but the image does not show. I know that the data is good and when I look at img the _src has reasonable looking data in it.

The actual size of the png that is getting loaded is larger than the window available for it but it has just been cropped before.

Designer 2 Build 341
Library: http://extjs.cachefly.net/touch/senc...igner-edition/

Any ideas?