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Thread: AbstractStoreSelectionModel supported interface changes

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    Default AbstractStoreSelectionModel supported interface changes

    In the new release candidate, the AbstractStoreSelectionModel<M> has been modified from using the standard HasSelectionHandlers<T> to a new version HasSelectionHandlers<M>. These interfaces are exactly the same. The difference lies in the new custom SelectEvent. This event also does the same thing, but also adds a Context object. That is the only difference. Other than that, it looks like pretty much a copy-paste job.

    While the extra information might prove useful to some implementations, it makes it harder when multiple view implementations are used for a presenter. Custom implementations of a view that do not rely on GXT can now no longer implement the same view interface.

    Why not create a new HasSelectionHandlersX interface that extends the default HasSelectionHandlers? Why not implement both interfaces?

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    You have raised some good points. We have opted to rename the GXT versions to CellBeforeSelectionEvent and CellSelectionEvent. Both events extend the GWT versions. The primary reason we created the new classes was that we were not able to create and fire the events with our cells (member visibility issue) and to add support for the context in the event for cells. With this change, the code will work the same way as before the RC release.

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