I am new to Ext JS. Please need help on the following.

I want to display an Image for 2 secs (fade in and fade out). After fade out in the same place I want to display a text (i.e Ext.form.DisplayField) along with a form panel (which contains inside a tabpanel).
Please help me how can I do this.

My approach:
I have created a panel. I am adding 3 ids into this panel as items. 1st id will be my Image again of type:panel, 2nd id will be a DisplayField where I am dsipalying a text and 3rd id will be my form panel.

Here, my problem is I have added a listner to 1st id (my image). But it fade out all other 2 ids also after 2 sec along with image.

Please suggest me a best approach.
Thanks in advance.