I am experiencing a strange problem with the pull to refresh list plugin. When I load the data normally via store.load() it is cleared and loaded correctly. When I reload the store via the pull to refresh items are getting duplicated (previous ones are not getting cleard).

I tried to add a listeners to the store (beforeload, load, updaterecord etc.) but all of these are not fired when using reloading via the store.

here is my store config:
        var store = new Ext.data.Store({
            model: 'Test',
            autoLoad: true,
            grouper: {groupFn: function(record) {
                  try { 
                    return record.get('last_name')[0].toUpperCase();
                  } catch(err) { }
            proxy: {
                type: 'scripttag',
                autoAbort: true,
                url: serverurl,
                extraParams: {meta: true, 
                             task: "test",                          
                             timestamp: new Date().getTime() // if not passed values are cached ! only mobile
                reader: {
                    type: 'json',
                    rootProperty: 'root'
I also tried adding the root: {} to the store as seen in a diffrent post as bug fix.. but that didn't help. As mentioned it only happens when reloaded via the pull-to-refresh action... normal .load(), reload() work as expected.