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Thread: Designer 2 Build #355 - released 4/2/2012 - Feedback wanted!

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    Default Designer 2 Build #355 - released 4/2/2012 - Feedback wanted!

    We released Designer 2 Build #353 this morning and an additional patch in the afternoon #355. This update fixes a critical bug that was affecting many users in build #337 and #341. It also addresses the code generation issue users have reported in the below thread. You should notice a huge improvement in stability of Designer.

    • Changed designer.html/js to app.html.js
    • Fixed many bugs with the Code Editor
    • Added JSHint Support for Code Editor
    • Save the override class along with user component when using Save to Toolbox
    • Proper handling of the contentEl configuration
    • Support for Touch's Viewport event binding

    Please note that the main application files have been changed from designer.html/js to app.html/js. We have not deleted your old designer.html/js files in the event that you may want them. You can safely manually delete these. When looking at your application in the browser, be sure you launch app.html.

    The Code Editor has had a massive overhaul. We integrated JSHint support, we added the ability to switch between a light and dark theme. We improved the performance as well.

    Application and Controller no longer have "special" or "magic" functions that just appear in the code editors drop down at the top left. They must be explicitly added by clicking the plus button in the property grid.

    Basic and Advanced Mode - This was in previous builds but maybe not so apparent. We have reduced the configurations that appear by default in the bottom right hand config pane. By default you will only see the basic/common mode of the most frequently used configurations. You can toggle this by clicking the advanced mode at the top right of this pane. At all times, if you begin to search the configurations you will go into advanced mode.

    As always, we appreciate your feedback, comments and bug reports regarding the latest release. As we make our trek towards a solid GA release we will only be focusing on critical bugs that affect the stability of the product and/or affect your ability to complete a task within the Designer.
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